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The Delaware River is an irreplaceable source of drinking water for 17 million people...
The Delaware River is part of the Atlantic Flyway and guides the annual migration of a multitude of species...
The Delaware River is host and home to irreplaceable species like the Atlantic Sturgeon...
The Delaware River Watershed is home to spectacular landscapes and archaeological treasures like the Water Gap National Recreation Area and the rich history of the Lenape...

About The Pledge of Resistance & Protection

Communities, states and nations are working hard to defend themselves from the harms inflicted by shale gas drilling, fracking, pipelines, compressors, and supporting infrastructure. Every success is the result of individuals who are willing to stand up and be counted, alone and with others in this defining common cause of our day.

The ability to show that our forces are growing with each new day, each new insult, each new overreach by the industry and its political cronies is vital to our success.

So, we have created this pledge to demonstrate as individuals and as a community our commitment to protecting our Delaware River watershed and neighboring communities from the ravages of shale gas development and our commitment to conservation and sustainable energy for ensuring a bright and healthy future for all.

The pledge also gives us an opportunity to reflect on the importance, power and firmness of our individual and collective commitment.

We are proud to have you stand with us - those who are willing to sign on the dotted line to protect present and future generations from the harms of shale gas development and to, instead, provide a sustainable, clean, healthy, and bright future. We are proud to have you in our ranks. Delaware River Basin Pledge Download


Berks Gas Truth is a grassroots community organization of over 600 concerned citizens who are fighting to stop shale gas drilling. We are dedicated to raising public awareness of the issues surrounding drilling and related operations and taking action to protect our environment, human health, and safety from its consequences. Berks Gas Truth is based in Kutztown, PA.
The Delaware Riverkeeper Network works throughout the Delaware River watershed to champion the rights of our communities to a Delaware River and tributary streams that are free-flowing, clean and healthy. The Delaware Riverkeeper Network defends the River because a River can't defend itself.

Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy is an all volunteer grassroots organization working to prohibit dangerous hydraulic fracturing (fracking) since 2008.
Part mystery, part travelogue, and part banjo showdown, GASLAND documents Josh's cross-country odyssey to find out if the controversial process of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is actually safe. As he interviews people who live on or around current fracking sites, Josh learns of things gone horribly wrong, from illness to hair loss to flammable water, and his inquiries lead him ever deeper into a web of secrets, lies, conspiracy, and contamination.

Clean Water Action has over 150,000 members in Pennsylvania and operates statewide. Clean Water Action organizes coalitions, uses grassroots efforts, and campaigns to elect environmental candidates to help protect our environment, health, and community quality of life from the dangers of natural gas drilling.
NYSAFE is a network of organizations opposed to hydraulic fracturing (or fracking) in New York state and for the development of sustainable agriculture and renewable energy.

We are a loose coalition of citizens and grass roots groups that work together to keep regional air healthy to breathe in shale field corridors.
Northjersey Pipeline Walkers is a grass root organization that was created from seeing the need to protect our state and national parks, pristine forests and wetlands from the gas industry's need to grow and cut down everything in its path. The injustice of destruction done to an environment can't defend itself should say it all.

Damascus Citizens for Sustainability (DCS) is a collaborative effort to preserve and protect clean air, land and water as a civil and basic human right in the face of the threat posed by the shale gas extraction industry: DCS started the wake-up about drilling on the East Coast - the movie, "Gasland" is dedicated to DCS. Initially focusing its advocacy, education and legal efforts to protect the Delaware River Basin that provides drinking water for some 20 million people, DCS increasingly has extended its efforts to all US states suffering this impact and to other countries also.
We are a group of volunteers who shape public policy decisions by organizing and mobilizing groups of like minded citizens. Our current focus is to stop the process of hydraulic fracturing of gas wells in the Midatlantic States and Nationally and promote renewable energy. We are working to raise public awareness of the unacceptable risks posed by this process to our water, air, and mother earth, thus endangering our health and our lives. We seek to empower people to organize, unite and take actions towards a safer, healthier future.

NYH2O is a non-profit advocacy organization based in New York City that is dedicated to protecting New York State's water resources from the threat posed by the gas extraction industry. NYH2O seeks to educate the public concerning the health, environmental, and economic impacts of gas drilling as experienced by communities across the country where this intensive industrial activity has taken place.
We champion the health and vitality of our communities by defending people, animals, water, air and land against the damage caused by all phases of shale gas extraction, processing, and use.

The purpose of ShaleTest is to collect environmental data around natural gas facilities including natural gas drilling operations, establish baseline air and water testing, performing post drilling testing and comprehensive testing around natural gas processing facilities in areas where natural gas drilling is occurring throughout the United States.
This is a global coalition of mothers formed on behalf of children who cannot vote or make public policy. As their advocates and protectors, we support energy sources that do not fill our children’s environment—and thus their bodies—with toxic pollutants.